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Irene Moray

Photographer and filmmaker.

(Barcelona, 1992)

She embarked on her career in 2012 after leaving her Fine Arts studies and moving to Berlin. Once there, she was a member for three years of the performance collective “The -- family”, with which she acted in several cultural organisations around Europe, including the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo and Chisenhale Gallery in London. While in Berlin, she directed her first fictional short film, Bad Lesbian. After four years in Germany, she decided to return to Barcelona, where she has made her first film as screenwriter and director, Suc de síndria, which was premiered at Berlinale Shorts, nominated for the EFA Awards, and received several awards, including the Gaudí for Best Short Fictional Film.

Update: 24 September 2020



Koleka Putuma and Irene Moray

Has participated in

A Vocabulary for the Future

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