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Inez de Beaufort

Is professor of Health Care Ethics at the Erasmus Medical Center of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She studied Theology at the University of Utrecht, where she specialised in ethics, and also worked as a senior researcher at the Maastricht Institute for Bioethics. She has published books and articles on beauty and ethics, decisions on the end of life, personal responsibility in health and obesity, and other subjects. These include several works dealing with issues related with ethics and health, notable amongst which are Obesity (Encyclopaedia of Applied Ethics, 2010) and Ethics and appearance (Encyclopaedia of Applied Ethics (forthcoming)). She is, inter alia, a member of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies, an honorary member of the Dutch Health Council, and a member of the Euthanasia Review Committee.

Update: 3 October 2011


Has participated in

Culture and Life

Dialogues on the Impact of Biotechnology