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Genie Espinosa

Illustrator, comic book author and muralist

Illustrator, comic book author and muralist from Barcelona.

Alternating between the purely digital and the paintbrush, she works both for editorial publications (Das Magazine, Die Zeit, Time Out, Diari Ara, Vice, Wired, Refinery29...) and a variety of clients such as Apple, Sony, Nike, Spotify, WeTransfer and Klarna. Her work is characterized by a range of strong colours, exaggerated perspectives and excessively large, non-normative characters who are unapologetic for the space they take up in her work. Her illustrations are pleasant and gentle in appearance, but sometimes have a dark background and, almost always, a double meaning. Her latest work includes the cover of “MAFIOSA”, a single by singer Nathy Peluso, and the launch of her first graphic novel HOOPS (Sapristi, March 2021), where, in a dis/u-topian future, three friends from the suburbs accidentally fall into an interdimensional hole from which they cannot escape without first discovering the secrets of this new place and battling with their own monsters. This graphic novel won her the Miguel Gallardo Award for the Best New Writer at the 40th COMICBCN SALON and the RNE ÓJO CRÍTICO Comic Prize 2021. She coordinates the fanzine RARAS (2019) and MUY RARAS (2020), in which she self-publishes a selection of artists, illustrators and writers to promote multidisciplinary female talent (one of the Best Comics of 2020 according to The Comics Journal).

Update: 8 November 2022


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