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Ester Jordana

Professor and PhD in Philosophy

A teacher at the Massana School of Art and Design, Barcelona (AutonomousUniversity of Barcelona) and associate lecturer at the Open University of Catalonia, she has a degree in Psychology from the Rovira i Virgili University and a PhD in Philosophy, with a thesis on Michel Foucault, from the University of Barcelona. She has specialised in studying Foucault and contemporary critical thought and has published the book Michel Foucault: biopolítica i governamentalitat (Michel Foucault: Biopolitics and Governability, 2018), which is published by Gedisa in the “Pensament polític postfundacional” collection.

Update: 26 July 2021


Has participated in

Lecture by Pierre Charbonnier and dialogue with Ester Jordana

An Ecological Transformation of Ideas

Non-normative thinking

Workshop free thought and debate on intellectual disabilities