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Kosmopolis Programme 2022

Hamlet: the weapon of madness

Ester Jordana and José Valenzuela


A conversation between professor Ester Jordana and professor and engineer José Valenzuela moderated by assistant theater director Albert Reverend Mascort on the character of Hamlet and the role of madness today.


The whole plot of Hamlet revolves around his pretended madness. He confesses to his good friend Horaco that he will pretend to be mad in order to prepare revenge for the murder of his father by his uncle. But this mask will end up blurring him and he will justify some of his bloody acts claiming the madness that has possessed him. But has madness really devoured him? What does madness finally bring to Hamlet's character, and how does it relate to his immediate environment?

In this conversation, professors Ester Jordana and José Valenzuela talk about madness in this tragedy and draw parallels with the treatment of madness in contemporary society.

This activity was organized with Perla 29 as part of the performances of the new production of Shakespeare's play Hamlet Aribau.

Moderators: Albert Reverendo Mascort

Participants: Jose Valenzuela Ruiz, Ester Jordana

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