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In symbiosis

Lecture by Pierre Charbonnier and dialogue with Ester Jordana

An Ecological Transformation of Ideas


In this session, the philosopher Pierre Charbonnier will talk about how political thinking of recent centuries has been based on an extractivist view of nature which is at the basis of today’s planetary crisis, and he will dialogue with Professor Ester Jordana about a new ecology of political ideas.

In his book Abondance et liberté: Une histoire environnementale des idées politiques (La Découverte, 2020 / Affluence and Freedom: And Environmental History of Political Ideas (Polity, 2021), Charbonnier, a leading figure in the debate about post-growth and political ecology, analyses how western modernity has been constructed on a relationship with nature based on affluence and resource extraction. The climate crisis has now revealed the limits of this model and shown that we need to find a new political ecology if we are to avoid collapse. Will we be able to create a new relationship with the planet? What changes in political and social thought and structure will be needed if we are to achieve this aim?

This session will be presented and moderated by the psychologist and PhD in Philosophy, Ester Jordana.

Participants: Pierre Charbonnier, Ester Jordana

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In symbiosis

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