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El Último Vecino

To understand El Último Vecino, a name that echoes that of one of their favourite groups (El Último de la Fila), we need one word: obsession. Obsession describes their pounding rhythms, but also lyrics in which certain words (“scared”, “lost”) come up time and time again. With their proficiency for catchy melodies swathed in something darker, they carry the baton for many of the best groups of the 80s, from New Order and The Smiths to Golpes Bajos and Décima Víctima. After experimenting with cassettes found in the woods (in search of an even more special sound), they’ve released their debut disc of the same name, an instant hit on the national indie circuit.

El Último Vecino's Bandcamp

Update: 3 April 2014


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2014

Autobiographic live sessions: pop music concerts, stand-up comedy, theatre and narrative