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Aurora Gasull Altisent

Musician and filmmaker

Barcelona (Spain), 1962

She was a cellist and member of various chamber music groups until 1990 when she began to work in the visual field with photography, drawing and painting. Attracted by digital techniques, she took a Master in Music Creation and Sound Technology (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and specialised with a Master in Computer Animation and Image Synthesis (Universitat de les Illes Balears). After a few years of working in the profession, she started exploring the abstract image, first using music as a theme and later with a collection of silent pieces of pure animation (Black Series) as well as various pieces projected onto ceramics and paper (Light Tondos, Songs from the Wood, among others). In 2018, she took part in the experimental film programme run by the Fundación Juan March (Abstraction in Motion 1921-2012), accompanying Hans Hinterreiter’s exhibition at the Foundation’s premises in Palma and its abstract art museum in Cuenca (Museo de Arte Abstracto Español).

“I think animated visuals are an extension of painting and that music can become a teacher in the path taken by abstraction over time. Digital tools allow us to explore visual language like never before; in spite of the extreme frustration they can create at present when compared to the experience of playing an instrument. Animation is an experience that takes place very slowly, requiring days and even weeks of dedication from when it begins to when it finishes.(...) In the past few years I’ve started working with direct tools that offer a new spontaneity, replacing the screen as a support and projecting images onto white ceramics, paper and stone, materials that reveal and display the colours of light in a sensory experience. Perhaps I can start to doubt again and make mistakes as I go along...”

Update: 3 July 2019


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