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Will an older Europe be a more conservative Europe?

Interviews with Maja Daniels, Achim Goerres, Ingrid Guardiola, Pedro Olalla, Jordi Vaquer and Vicenç Villatoro.

Through five fellowships granted to a multidisciplinary team of cultural researchers, Ageing Democracies links academic research with cultural reflection and critical debate to dismantle the myths and stereotypes about the implications of Europe’s changing demographics. This video presents the main ideas of the project with interventions by Vicenç Villatoro, director of the CCCB, Jordi Vaquer, regional director for Europe of the Open Society Foundations and Ingrid Guardiola, Pedro Olalla, Maja Daniels and Achim Goerres, Ageing Democracies researchers.

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9 May 2017