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"Casa de ningú" by Ingrid Guardiola

Teaser of the documentary

The documentary, coproduced by the CCCB, the Open Society Foundation and Boogaloo Films is available online at Filmin. The political question of how different communities respond to the current challenges of our ageing society is at the center of "Casa de Ningú" (I’ll See You Up There), a documentary essay by Catalan producer and film theorist Ingrid Guardiola.

Adopting an observational, experimental approach, Guardiola examines life in two vastly different elderly communities in two very different places in Spain. The first is Ciñera, a former mining village in León whose economy has been dramatically affected by globalization. The second is a retirement home in the El Palomar neighborhood of Barcelona. In Ciñera, a strong union culture tries to resist the twin threats of deindustrialization and depopulation. In El Palomar, economic growth has given way to a larger urban population, a larger number of elderly people living in retirement homes and a larger number of workers taking care of them. The film highlights the centrality of work in each of these settings and how the lives that make up these communities differ in how they deal with an ageing population.

Authors: Ingrid Guardiola

9 May 2017