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The Audible Decade: The Impact of Voice Assistants, Podcasts and Audiobooks in the World of Books in the Next 10 Years

Javier Celaya

Voice is replacing the keyboard. According to predictions from ComScore for 2020, 50% of all searches will be done by voice. Cultural content such as music and books have the highest number of voice searches on the Internet (around 43%). As well as following voice commands to play music, answer questions or place shopping orders, devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home can also transmit virtually everything that can be reproduced on a mobile, tablet or a laptop, including radio channels and podcasts, as well as reading Ebooks or reproducing audiobooks. How will we discover and read books, whether paper, Ebook or audiobook, in the next decade? In this session, we analyse the impact of new voice assistants, podcasts and audiobooks in the world of books and we make a prediction as to the profile of readers in the coming decade.

Participants: Javier Celaya

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23 March 2019