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Richard Sennett and Carles Muro

Narratives of the Homo Faber

In this conversation, Richard Sennett addressed different aspects of cities, urbanism and inequalities. He analysed the impact of global capitalism on the homogenisation of cities and new technologies as one more way of standardising life. He also talked about coexistence and the relationship with the other, and was sceptical of the ability of architecture and urbanism to mitigate problems of inequality originating in capitalism.

The conversation places a particular focus on the Homo Faber trilogy, which consists of the works The Craftsman (2009), Together (2012) and Building and Dwelling (2018), a series of books that reflect on the history of craftsmanship, cooperation and design in cities.

Participants: Richard Sennett, Carles Muro

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20 March 2019