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Let's meet at the park

The value of public space

Squares, streets, markets, parks, gardens. Public spaces are where we get together, connect, come together, protest, celebrate. Public spaces connect us with realities that go beyond the four walls of our home. Here is a list of some of the articles, conferences, interviews and video essays in which the CCCB has looked at the value of cities and public space.

Richard Sennett and Carles Muro

Narratives of the Homo Faber

In this conversation, Richard Sennett addressed different aspects of cities, urbanism and inequalities. He analysed the impact of global capitalism on the homogenisation of cities and new technologies as one more way of standardising life. He also talked about coexistence and the relationship ...

Xavier Antich i Joan Margarit

In Common. The city

A dialogue between Xavier Antich, philosopher and lecturer in History of Aesthetic Ideas at the University of Girona, and Joan Margarit, poet and architect. Presented by Joan Nogué, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Girona and of the Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya ...

Playing in the street

Soy Cámara online

The zoning in urban space of play, representing its segregation from the bustle and chaos of the city, destroys the very nature of play and what it has always been: learning to live together and relate with the world.

Reclaiming the City through Play

Cristina Sáez

By the year 2050, an estimated three of every four people on the planet are expected to live in cities. Experts claim that only an appropriate use of technology will make it possible for these to be sustainable and ensure there are sufficient resources for everybody. What they mean by this ...

Michael Kimmelman

The Cities We Need

With the threat of climate change and the exponential growth of cities, Michael Kimmelman, art and architecture critic of The New York Times, calls for a twenty-first-century model of the city that is more responsible with its environs and towards the people who inhabit it, using examples of good and bad urban planning practices.

The invisible city

Soy cámara online

This episode of Soy Cámara pays a humble tribute to Italo Calvino’s invisible cities. The excerpts of cities chosen for this narrative show the validity of Calvino’s original discourse and are applicable to any cosmopolitan city today. Screenplay and direction: Jos&eacu...

The City and its Small Data

César Reyes Nájera | dpr-barcelona

The city is a dynamic system that is based on a physical foundation and activated by the interactions that take place among its inhabitants. Thanks to these interactions, the real ‘shape’ of a city transcends its mere physical configuration. In just a few decades, the Internet has [...]