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NOW. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Lecture by Thom Hartmann

Lecture by Thom Hartmann, writer and political comentator, introduced by Marc Gavaldà, from the campaign RepsolMata. 

The world seems to be melting down around us, with climate change, species extinctions, population explosions, and a massive poisoning of our Earth by industrial activity at the same time we are overfishing our oceans and militarizing outer space. Yet these are not the cause of our problems; they are merely symptoms. The true cause of the crisis the world is facing is grounded in our modern industrial culture - how we think - and it is that thinking that is driving our destructive behaviors. Thom Hartmann shows how humans have confronted culture-ending problems like this before, and some cultures have succeeded in changing their way of thinking (and thus their behaviors), while others have simply gone extinct. In this compelling and story-rich talk, Hartmann shows how we can work our way out of the crises we have created and bring ourselves into the light of a world that truly works for all.

Participants: Thom Hartmann, Marc Gavaldà

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29 July 2013