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Lydia Cacho

Trafficking and gender equality

Lydia Cacho is a journalist and writer, known for his activism as a human rights defender. Investigated and reported on human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children in Mexico and abroad. This work report, which involved representatives of the Mexican political class, Lydia Cacho has been imprisoned and tortured, and received death threats. On 23 January 2012, Lydia Cacho accepted the challenge to share a talk with teenagers about trafficking and gender equality in the Auditorium of the Institute Michael Tarradell the Raval district of Barcelona. This experience is part of the talks that CCCB offers to institutes where internationally recognized figures raise topical issues for young people.

CCCB is working to re- educate the value of respect for human rights and freedom of expression from people who have had a life experience that serves as a positive model for youngsters.

Participants: Lydia Cacho

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18 June 2014