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Women and Public Space: Violence (ch.2)

Soy Cámara online

On 24 August, a woman on the beach at Nice (a city recently hit by terrorism) was forced to remove her burkini in a public exhibition and humiliation by the forces of security. Beside this, TV news reported missing girls and cases of rape at local popular festivals, generating conservative, sexist and castigating reactions in the social networks. Naked, covered or raped, the public choreography of the female body and, therefore, the public identity of women when they leave the domestic sphere, continues to be the domain of the patriarchy, represented by the law. This serial in three chapters proposes reflection on the construction and normalization of public space from the viewpoint of gender. It includes interviews with specialists in the theme such as Brigitte Vasallo, Paula Ezquerra, Mercè Amor, Col·lectiu Punt 6, Zaida Muixí, Marta Segarra, Mary Nash and María Castejón.

Control (chapter 1):  it deals with the mechanisms of women’s control in the public space that begins with the flânerie and it ends with the esthetic and behavioral rules. Violence (chapter 2): About the violence inflicted on women in the public space with economic, sexual or racist goals. Liberation (chapter 3): fights, references and tools to palliate the violence and control over women in public space.

(c) Imatge portada: Gloria Vilches, "España s.XXI" (2016)

Direction, scriptwriting, production: Ingrid Guardiola
Editing: Joan Carles Rodríguez
Duration: 14 min

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Authors: Ingrid Guardiola

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3 February 2017