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Lydia Cacho, Lilian Thuram, Kamila Shamsie and Pankaj Mishra

Talks in the Raval Colleges

The CCCB is programming a series of talks, with a high cultural content, in the Raval district High Schools. The speakers are internationally renowned figures who raise current issues of our society with an impact on young people.
Participants include Mexican journalist and human rights defender Lydia Cacho who has denounced human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women; Lilian Thuram, former Barça player and founder of the Lilian Thruram Foundation, which fights racism among young people; Kamila Shamsie, a London-based Pakistani writer who has shown the reality of Pakistan through her highly successful novels, and Pankaj Mishra, a novelist and essayist, an observer of the contrasts and contradictions between the East and the West.

12 May 2015