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La costilla de Rocío

An action-concert by Rocío Márquez and Manuel León

The award-winning cantaora and student of flamenco traditions Rocío Márquez takes the stage like a magician to reveal the voice of the Anthropocene in an action-concert that the CCCB presents as part of the exhibition “After the end of the world”.

Manuel León's pictorial work on Adam's rib or Monstera deliciosa, an endemic plant of the tropical forests, accompanies Márquez on stage. "La costilla de Rocío" sings to the plants, and the plants sing appealing to music as a vehicle of knowledge and events, with Raúl Cantizano on guitar and the videos and soundscapes of Los Voluble.

Conception and selection of materials: Rocío Márquez, Manuel León and Los Voluble

Participants: Rocío Márquez

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14 February 2018