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Rocío Márquez

Singer and student of flamenco traditions

Born in Huelva in 1985, Rocío Márquez has made the classic route of the flamenco career: peñas, awards such as the Mining Lamp or the Giraldillo of the Flamenco Biennial and many recitals in festivals and theaters around the world. Curious and studious, in 2014 she presented her record work El Niño that makes her open the doors to other types of music from flamenco. The last three years have been hectic: she has presented relentless shows like De viejo y nuevos sones with Fahmi Alqai in which flamenco and old music are brought together; has presented her doctoral thesis on vocal technique in the history of flamenco and has recorded and defended a new album, Firmamento (Universal Music, 2017), which has led her to be the cover of magazines such as Rockdelux and in which they already appear on the Recurring concerns about pollution and nature.

Update: 10 January 2018


Has participated in

La costilla de Rocío

Action-concert by Rocío Márquez and Manuel León