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Kosmopolis 17. Expanding the limits of the book: transmedia experience of The Trial, by Franz Kafka

Lecture by Belén Santa-Olalla and Nieves Rosendo

The Trial, by Franz Kafka, is a theatre adaptation premiered in Malaga in November 2016. But this work goes further and expands beyond a transmedia experience that includes digital and analogical media, street actions and immersive performances in the theatre itself, that also opens up to collaborations by other creators. The transmedia universe of The Trial took the city and converted its spectators into prisoners who, like Josef K, did not know what they were accused of. Belén Santa-Olalla and Nieves Rosendo talk about their experience in the design and development of the transmedia expansion of Kafka’s classic, where dialogue with the original work and theatrical adaptation amplify the voice of the Czech writer.

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25 March 2017