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Kosmopolis 15. Vinicio Capossela’s Greek Ledger

Vinicio Capossela. Accompanied by Dimitris Mistakidis and Valeria Bergalli

“Crisis: a concept related to rebetika, a form of music that is born of separation, and related to Greece itself, from which Europe is becoming separated”, writes Vinicio Capossela in the opening pages of Tefteri. El libro de las cuentas pendientes (Minúscula, 2014), which the author will be presenting at K15. In the company of editor Valeria Bergalli and guitarist Dimitris Mistakidis, Capossela talks about his tefteri, his Greek ledger, about the place that is the source of universal questions and is now bringing us face to face with what’s happening to the human being in a Europe in crisis.

Participants: Vinicio Capossela, Valeria Bergalli, Dimitris Mistakidis

19 March 2015