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Josep Maria Esquirol

The Generosity of Education

What kind of education can prepare us to brave the elements? How can we come to terms with imperfection and fragility? The present-day social and “cultural” context promotes a sort of no-limits ideology, which is none other than a consumerist adaptation to the idea of progress. This no-limits ideology opens up the way, on the one hand, to the priority of immediacy in a present that is already jeopardised by general acceleration and, on the other, to a horizon which, striving to appear as beguiling and fascinating, is bereft of any kind of hope. In this situation, striving to attain a culture that is creative in both its form and its limits is a matter of urgency. The essence of education and the way to personal maturity is defined precisely within, and on the basis of these parameters.

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9 April 2018