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Debate with Albert Civit, Juan Carlos Iglesias, Maria Serrat and Josep Ferrando: The future of Paral·lel. Perspectives of the future of Paral·lel Avenue

Perspectives of the future of Paral·lel Avenue

Alongside the exhibition El Paral·lel, 1894-1939, presented at the CCCB, this debate sets out to discuss the future of this emblematic Barcelona avenue that aspires to recover its social and cultural centrality. The “people’s Diagonal” has a glorious past that, sadly, was not sufficiently recognized at the time. For decades the performing arts and music lived a full life there, bringing together a mix of people ranging from the highest classes to the most popular and marginal. The future of this avenue navigates between the nostalgia of what was and the desire for what could be.

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29 January 2013