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Paral·lel Avenue, 1894-1939

The future of Paral·lel

Between Nostalgia and Desire



With the exhibition “El Paral·lel, 1894-1939” – which is to be shown at the CCCB until 24 February – as its backdrop, this debate aims to address the future of a highly representative Barcelona neighbourhood which is presently striving to recover its former social and cultural centrality. The avenue El Paral·lel, sometimes called “Diagonal canalla” (Diagonal for Riff-raff) has a glorious past which, unfortunately, was not duly recognised at the time by cultural officialdom in the city. For decades, the performing arts and music were the mainstays of its intense existence, which brought together people from the crème de la crème through to the proletariat and social outcasts. The future of El Paral·lel now oscillates between nostalgia for what it was and desire for what it might be.

Steps have been taken in recent years to transform the neighbourhood which, for all its significance, is faced with a great number of difficulties. The El Molino Foundation is working with many other associations to promote a programme of cultural, economic and urban planning activities with the aim of ensuring that El Paral·lel will once again shine with its own light.

Tuesday 15 January at 7 p.m.


Public presentation of the Barcelona City Council’s Paral·lel Plan

Introduction by the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias
Lecture by the Deputy Mayor for Urban Habitat, Antoni Vives

 Presented by: Elvira Vázquez, president of the El Molino Foundation (FEM)

Tuesday 22 January at 7.30 p.m.


Xavier Theros, writer and poet
Jordi Coca, writer and PhD in Performing Arts
Juan José Lahuerta, lecturer in History of Art and Architecture at ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture)

Presenter and moderator: Josep Bohigas, architect and sponsor of the El Molino Foundation (FEM)

Tuesday 29 January
at 7.30 p.m.


Albert Civit, Deputy-Director Urban Planning in the Barcelona City Council
Juan Carlos Iglesias, Owner of Rías de Galicia and Tickets Bar restaurants
Maria Serrat, General Manager of the Liceu Conservatory
Josep Ferrando, architect

Presenter and moderator: Elvira Vázquez, president of the El Molino Foundation (FEM)

Director: Josep Bohigas, architect and sponsor of the El Molino Foundation (FEM)

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