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Daniel Tammet and Màrius Serra

Change in an Extraordinary Mind

A conversation-game between writer and savant communicator Daniel Tammet and wordplay specialist Màrius Serra. Daniel Tammet is capable of learning any language in a week and can recite the decimals of the mathematical constant Pi for five hours, but his true gift is in knowing how to find (and above all, explain) the beauty that exists in numbers and words. Diagnosed with savant syndrome, a privileged and fascinating modality of autism, he knew that that was his mission after meeting the person on which the character in Rain Man was based. Since then, he has featured in numerous BBC documentaries and has written several books (in Spain, Blackie Books has published La poesía de los números and La conquista del cerebro) which have become best-sellers. Because his true vocation is that of a writer. His playful approach to mathematics, literature, language and thinking connects with the wordplay concerns and findings of another writer, Màrius Serra. The conversation between the two, which contains a lot of serious play, is a chance for us not only to glimpse a mind that appears to have no limits, but also to try to expand the frontiers of our own.

Participants: Daniel Tammet, Màrius Serra

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26 March 2017