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The Words We Don’t Yet Have

Cycle of debates

This cycle takes as its starting point the radical stance of 1970s feminism to explore still-pending questions of today’s feminisms and other movements for collective emancipation.

Fina Birulés and Marta Segarra

Equality and Freedom

Fina Birulés, lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and a key figure of feminist thought in Catalonia, speaks with Marta Segarra, curator of the exhibition “Choreographies of Gender”, in a dialogue moderated by the sociologist and trans activist Miquel Missé...

Chantal Maillard


Are excessive violence, greed, and craving congenital to the human species or, rather, inherited from the warrior societies that dominated our lands a few millennia ago? Is anger a factor of change or an element of the patriarchal universe? Philosopher and poet Chantal Maillards talks about these issues in this session. 

Jeanette Winterson

Conversation with Bel Olid

On the occasion of the publication of her new book Frankissstein, the English writer Jeanette Winterson, who is considered to be one of the most original voices in the Anglo-Saxon literary scene, talks about who we are and how we love each other, but also about where we’re going. ...

Mari Luz Esteban

A Feminism in transformation

Feminist activist and lecturer in Social Anthropology, Mari Luz Esteban, speaks about the role of feminism in recent years and discusses some of the new challenges it will have to face.


Today’s feminist creators

This session brougth together some of today’s most outstanding creators committed to feminism. From the conviction that creation is a stance and an opportunity to question everything, these artists tried to find answers, and took on the risks with humour, poetry, music, live graffiti, ...

Carolin Emcke

Silence and Emancipation

The journalist and philosopher Carolin Emcke, one of the leading voices in the German intellectual and cultural scene, talks about the links between power and violence, and the need for freedom and desire.

Raise your hands, these dirty hands

Recital of works by poets from the 1970s and now

From the 1970s through to the present day, poetry and feminism have been interlaced in awakening consciousness, slapping down indifferent and conformist thought, demolishing any attempt at learned justificiation. In this poetry recital, l curated by Sònia Moll and Heura Marçal, th...

Siri Hustvedt

Gender, literatura and new narratives

On the occasion of the publication of her latest book, “Memories of the Future”, Siri Hustvedt speaks about how to generate new narratives to liberate ourselves from the western cultural cannon, which still has a marked patriarchal bias. Pitting great figures against each other, ...