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Subsol #2/2022

Chill Mafia + El Jueves it's no longer what it was + Saïm

“Subsol” is a brand new popular culture and subculture festival at the CCCB, which aims to make room for projects that by definition are excluded from the parameters of serious or “highbrow” culture.

Mamen Moreu, Maribel Carod, Ana Belén Rivero and Irene Márquez

El Jueves it's no longer what it was

“The Friday Girl” was a magazine segment featuring images of nude women accompanied by captions of outdated humour that, during its first years ruling the newsstands, could be found in the pages of El Jueves, the longest-running humour magazine in Spain. Since a while ...


Emotional punk from Majorca

Their name sounds like ‘lard’ in Catalan, but Saïm are everything but unctuous. They’re a power trio from Felanitx/Manacor (Mallorca) who sing in Catalan and draw their influences from the world of Dischord/Washington DC and Touch & Go: deep, melodic and emotional punk ...