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Opening Museums

Culture can be enjoyed from home, on screens or individually, but at the CCCB we also want to support culture as an experience in a shared time and space, as a driving force that activates criticism and the imagination of other possible worlds. We propose a journey through some contents to think about the meaning of culture and the challenges museums and cultural centres face in becoming more open, accessible spaces.

What is the purpose of culture?

Soy cámara online

"Culture" is a concept with multiple definitions that is difficult to grasp in its complexity. In response to the question posed in the title, the programme traces a route from the conception of culture as a set of tools for relating to the world to the political dimension of culture as a space ...

New Publics

Soy Cámara online

The concept of ‘public’ has evolved over time and is now the philosophers’ stone of cultural and media production. In this new context of abundance, in which prosumers have replaced passive viewers in the museum halls, cinemas and homes, and in which everyone carries around a tiny ...

Mark Miller and Fito Conesa

Cultural Institutions for All Ages

Mark Miller –Convenor of Young People's Programmes at Tate Londonand UK National Lead for its Circuit programme– and Fito Conesa –Head of the MACBA and the CCCB's space for young people Habitació 1418 until 2017–  talked about their experience as activators of young audiences.

Orhan Pamuk

The Future of the Museum and of the Novel

Orhan Pamuk, one of the main contemporary Turkish writers and 2006 Nobel laureate in literature, reflects on the future of Museums and Literature.

Cultural Institutions and Climate Change

Francisco Heras

Human interference in the climate has brought us face to face with an inescapable need: to shift from a world based on burning fossil fuels to a “decarbonised” world. As strategic communication and social creativity hubs, cultural institutions must contribute to the transition to ...

Marina Garcés: “Culture is an ongoing process of transformation and crisis”

Interviews with Marina Garcés, Eduard Escoffet, Emili Manzano, Francesc-Marc Álvaro, Isona Passola, Rosa Pera, Simona Levi, Han Nefkens, Xavier Marcé, Jordi Oliveras, Toni Casares, Ricard Robles, Marta Clari and Vicenç Altaió

In 2013, the CCCB hosted a debate titled “The Meaning of Culture”. This video is a compilation of the opinions expressed by some of the participants in the panel discussion of that debate. Is culture in crisis? What culture? Is it true that audiences for cultural activities ...

Putting Diversity into Cultural Heritage

Cira Pérez

Can cultural institutions help to redefine our heritage from a multicultural perspective? The redefinition of identity is a key issue in the twenty-first century, and cultural institutions have a vital role in this process. How can museums and cultural centres design innovative programmes ...

Lluís Nacenta and José Luis de Vicente

What is an exhibition for?

“Maybe we should start accepting that an exhibition isn’t the right format for explaining things.” This tweet sparked a debate between Lluís Nacenta and José Luis de Vicente that generated a whole thread and, by allusion, we did some curatorial wrestling to host ...

External memory

Soy Cámara online

Museums and cultural centres have the duty to manage and preserve collective memory. In light of predictions that say roughly 115 million people in the world will have Alzheimer’s by 2050, how should cultural institutions react? What can they contribute? What type of memory do we need ...