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FEMINISMS! brings together the exhibition "The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna" and "Choreographies of Gender" with an extensive programme of activities to highlight the dialogue, continuities and divergences between the radical feminism of the seventies and today’s various forms of feminism.


Mari Luz Esteban

A defence of dialogue between different generations of feminists in order to reflect on the theory and practice of the feminism movement.

Las muertes chiquitas

Conversation between Mireia Sallarès and Marta Segarra

Following the screening of the documentary Las muertes chiquitas by Mireia Sallarès, a social and inclusive study on pleasure, violence, pain and death with the female orgasm as a thread, the artist talks with Marta Segarra, curator of "Choreographies of Gender" of FEMINISMS! ...

Feminist Avant-Gardes

Inaugural Debate of «Feminisms!»

In the 1970s, with unprecedented courage and creativity, a new generation of women artists drastically overhauled the languages and codes that had previously been used to represent women and femininity. This insurgent art not only liberated women from the male gaze but also extraordinarily expanded ...

Quantum Agencies

Libby Heaney

What does it mean to intersect our everyday world with the seemingly counter-intuitive field of quantum science? And how have these entanglements been interrogated through art?