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Each Layer of the Atmosphere. A journey through the sounds of the planet

Podcast and sound installation

Artist Maria Arnal and curator and researcher José Luis de Vicente present a sound essay on the marks left by the climate crisis. This original combination of musical compositions, insightful learning and original thought will be available for download as a four-episode podcast and will also feature as a sound installation at the CCCB.

Each Layer of the Atmosphere | 3. Lightyears from Your Present

Podcast by Maria Arnal and José Luis de Vicente

On how to feel and think at a planetary level and synchronising the pace of human life with the rhythm of other lifeforms on the planet. With astrophysicist Ignasi Ribas, anthropologist Yayo Herrero, AI engineering expert Ulises Cortés and producer and composer Holly Herndon. Recorded ...

Each Layer of the Atmosphere | 2. Is It Easier to Picture the End?

Podcast by Maria Arnal and José Luis de Vicente

On the psychological shock of the ecological crisis, climate grief and imagining the end of the world. With bioacoustician Michel André, anthropologist Yayo Herrero, climatologist Francisco Doblas-Reyes and musician David Harrington. Recorded at the underground rainwater storage facility ...

Each Layer of the Atmosphere | 1. Who Wants to be Born Human?

Podcast by Maria Arnal and José Luis de Vicente

On the difficulty of letting go of our feelings and only seeing the world through human eyes, and the rich rewards of experiencing the planet as a member of a multispecies society. With anthropologist Yayo Herrero, Santa Maria del Pi church archivist Jordi Sacases and beekeeper Èric ...