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Conversations among ruins

An invitation to share knowledge and practices for learning how to live and die together in a damaged planet

How should we think in these turbulent times? How should we generate kinships to live and die well? What frictions take place in contact zones where we find ourselves with other beings, human and non-human? How can we live and die together on a devastated planet?

How to avoid temporalities of progress?

Pol Guasch and Laura Benítez

We talk with independent curator and philosopher Laura Benítez and researcher and writer Pol Guasch about how to conceive different temporalities – human and non-human –, what worlds each temporality generates and how narrative arts allow us to generate stories ...

Is it possible to build shelters in a damaged planet?

Cristina de Llanos Santaulària and Ignasi Castellví

We talk about co-existence and competition between humans and non-humans, the ruralisation of forests and regeneration practices, and the rebalancing of the ecosystems: how can we regenerate refuges? How can we contribute to the rebalancing of ecosystems? How can we practise a cooperative co-existence ...

Which myths are needed?

Mafe Moscoso and Ma Antònia Martí Escayol

We talk with anthropologist, independent researcher and migrant Mafe Moscoso and environmental historian and science-fiction writer Maria Antònia Martí Escayol about other myths narrated with the mixed languages of art, history and speculative fabulation: how long, ...

How to escape from human exceptionalism?

Toni Navarro and Óscar Martín

W converse with independent researcher, artist and programmer Óscar Martín and philosopher Toni Navarro about the networks of biochemical consciousness, non-human intelligence, responsibility and technologies of terraformation: what responsibilities must we ...

Is it possible to imagine a non-apocalyptic future?

Julia Ramírez-Blanco and Cuchara collective

We converse with researcher and historian Julia Ramírez-Blanco and with activists from the food emancipation initiative Cuchara, to delve deeper into the challenges of projects that combine activism, art and science, speculative fables that materialise into stories without ...

How to make kin with the other species?

Clara Piazuelo and Eloïsa Matheu

We talk about co-domestication, zoonosis, compost, collaborations between species and responsibility with investigator Clara Piazuelo and biologist and sound landscaper Eloïsa Matheu: how do we let non-human beings affect us? How can we practise curiosity without sadism to ...