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The human brain is the most complex object we know of and the one that raises most questions in the fields of both science and philosophy. Brain(s) looks at how, throughout history, art, science, and philosophy have studied and represented this fascinating organ.

A journey to the fascinating world of the brains

Visiting Brain(s) you will learn new things about memory, dreams or the perception of reality and be amazed by fascinating artificial intelligences or other animal or brainless species. In Brain(s) you will be able to see historical models, photographs, films and up to 300 immersive works and ...

Ricard Solé: “The Brain(s) exhibition brings us into the multiverse of brain complexity”

Why do brains exist? Where does consciousness come from? And creativity? What happens when the brain gets sick? Where is artificial intelligence heading? Physicist and biologist Ricard Solé, curator of the “Brain(s)” exhibition with Emily Sargent (Wellcome Collection), explains the big topics covered in “Brain(s)”, an exhibition produced jointly by the CCCB, Telefónica Foundation and Wellcome Collection.

What insects think about

Javier A. Canteros

Have we been dismissive in our reckoning of insect intelligence? Studies of their cognitive abilities reveal a surprising mind.