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The CCCB’s Mental Health Research Group

Tròlec is a project directed by the writer Eloy Fernández Porta that proposes plural research into mental health, seen as an open process of exchange of knowledge, praxis and experiences between agents and associations that have brought about significant changes in direction in mental health.

Tròlec takes the form of a series of meetings that put forward different perspectives on neurodivergences, their effects, their representations, and the attention and treatment methodologies specific to them. The project deals with issues such as neuroliberalism, pharmacological policies, the cultural construction of “mental health”, the logic of divergent emotions, support groups and artistic modalities that attest to these conditions. The proposals and conclusions of the meetings will be presented in a podcast, a collective publication and a session open to public attendance and participation.

Direction: Eloy Fernández Porta

Participants: Eloy Fernández Porta, Fina Alert, Xavier V. Inglada, Lola López Mondéjar, Eudald Espluga, Laura Martín López-Andrade, Almudena Sánchez, Hernán Sampietro, Víctor Navarro Odriozola