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ruido ê

GRAPA residency with Silvia Zayas

ruido ê is a long-term research and artistic production project that explores the tensions between different forms of underwater perception, and speculatively and experimentally addresses the impact of anthropogenic noise on marine animals.

Sílvia Zayas has based her research with ruido ê on a species of electric ray, Torpedo torpedo, which lives in coastal waters in urban areas like the Barcelona coastline. ruido ê is an artistic project that centres on the perception and notion of noise, not just for its acoustic impact, but also as something that we cannot interpret because it is not yet known to us.

GRAPA support for Silvia Zayas, now in the final phase of her project, consists of setting up a study group as a space for knowledge transfer and experimentation. The group will contribute to the creation of the project’s final work, a film, and participate in several proposed sessions that include building a low-tech underwater recording device, a somatic attention workshop, a meeting with marine biologists, creating a collective breathing tube and recording a video clip.

These sessions will focus on methodological experimentation and have a network of collaborators, including artists, scientists and researchers: Mar Medina, Susana Jiménez Carmona, Carmen Pardo, the team of Sasba Badalona diving club, Cris Blanco, Xose Quiroga, Miguel de les Heras, Anabel Colmenero, the Catsharks association, Claudio Barría and Michel André.

ruido ê is backed by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.

Participants: Silvia Zayas

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