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You will always be a donkey

Main event of the World Poetry Day 2023

Debate + Scene + Music + Access

Free with pre-booking

On the occasion of Vallfogona Rector Year, a constellation of artistic voices celebrates the World Poetry Day in an event that invites to affirm the validity of the author and the actuality of his work. 


In the sixteenth edition of World Poetry Day, the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes and the Federació Catalana d’Associacions i Clubs Unesco have chosen the poem "Tant si baixes la vista vers la immunda" ("Even if you look down towards the filth"), by Francesc Vicent Garcia, known as the Vallfogona Rector, of whom this year we commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of his death, as the orbit of an act that invites us to celebrate his poetry. Straddling history and myth, the figure of the Vallfogona Rector is present to remind us that reality continues to be a dance of contrasts and we, heirs of a legacy that has not ceased to be transmitted. In this poem, the author, after an exercise in rhetorical display and astronomical knowledge so typical of the Catalan Baroque that he led, turns to the reader to deliver a final insult: "sempre, fidel lector, seràs un ase" (Always, faithful reader, you will be a donkey).

Under the trail of this secular nonsense, the languages of Flor Aliberti, Marc Torrent, Marc Rosich, Pau Oliver, Berta Giraut, Raül Garrigasait, Maria Garganté and P.A.W.N Gang, among others, will converge to not let us forget that we can respond to the disillusionment of the world with irony and to irony, with the capacity to marvel. The event will also include the participation of the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down and students of the Xarxa Llull of the Institut Ramon Llull.

With the hashtag #DMP23 we invite you to continue tweeting life as a game of hypotheses with certain but no less surprising ending.

Translation of the event into Catalan sign language will be done by the Associació Gironina de Sords.




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