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Xcèntric 2017

Workshop "Extreme Frames"

Stop Motion Workshop by Martha Colburn

Audiovisuals + Courses and workshops

Artist and experimental animator Martha Colburn is giving a workshop on various stop-motion techniques from a punk and diy aproach.

This workshop will begin with discussing and screening different films demonstrating various stop-motion techniques, including charcoal drawing, claymation, collage animation and painted animation. A very basic demonstration of the principle of filming is given and then participants are asked to work in groups, circulating between the position of animator and camera person. Several examples of direct ‘under-the-camera’ special effects will be presented, such as the use of lenses, gels, lighting tricks, and creating layers using acetate. The research, formation of ideas, planning (using sketches or scripts) and execution of ideas are emphasized and discussed as important aspects to the art of animating.

Participants: Martha Colburn

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2017

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