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Xcèntric 2017

The CCCB's cinema

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Jorge Tur Moltó introduces "Agitprop. Art as a weapon of combat in the cinema of Santiago Álvarez and Travis Wilkerson"

Agitprop film combines agitation and propaganda. In the 1930s, documentaries of this type aimed to influence public opinion. Santiago Álvarez and, later, Travis Wilkerson remained faithful to this spirit of provocation for transforming reality.

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Francisco Algarín introduces "Acts without words, correspondence without a sender. From Morgan Fisher and Thom Andersen to Laida Lertxundi"

This session proposes a series of conceptual correspondences between the most recent films of LA-based filmmaker Laida Lertxundi and some of the early works of two of her main references, Morgan Fisher and Thom Andersen. 

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