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Virtual Twins for Personalized Medicine

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The Director of the Department of Life Sciences at the BSC analyses the technical, political and social potentials of personalized medicine, which can help to define individualized medical treatments thanks to advances in different technologies and the creation of virtual twins of biological systems.

Three different but complementary technologies are advancing at an incredible rate: genomics, enabling the study of both the individual composition and the evolution of physiological states (RNA sequencing) with the possibility of obtaining information from individual cells; computational methods, which have undergone a complete turnaround with the development of AI and large language models (LLM), and the necessary computational infrastructure that is rapidly multiplying its capacities (see MareNostrum 5).

The Department of Life Sciences of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) explores how to combine these three elements in the context of personalized medicine. More specifically, it develops models (virtual twins) of biological systems, such as a tumour’s response to a treatment. These virtual twins serve as instruments for understanding how systems function and intervening in them, and can also be used to suggest possible individualized treatment.


Beta Sessions

This session forms part of a cycle of six informative talks open to the public, in which research teams from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) explain the state of their investigation and projects, which also form part of the exhibition AI: Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to learn about the present and future of AI and supercomputing with the help of the scientific community.

This activity is part of AI: Artificial Intelligence, Beta Sessions

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