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Xcèntric 2020

Valency and Variations


Obscuritads” is a collective made up of three filmmakers: Scott Barley, Mikel Guillen and Sebastian Wiedemann. The methods they use in their work are very different, but they’re united by the radical nature of their intentions: their desire is to make the invisible visible.

Light and darkness are the main characters in their films. Oscillations between the soul and the stars, between the moon and the tides are the perfect starting point to manage to see. The films in this session are closely related to the idea of a journey, with the possibility of navigating between light and shadow towards ourselves. A journey to nowhere.

“Obscuritads is a meeting point that doesn’t need a name; a place that drives this anonymous community to which we all unknowingly belong. It’s merely a question of reminiscence: seeing without seeing, remembering without being waylaid by meaning. There’s nothing to understand; you just need to let yourself fall into Obscuritads, into its energy flows, into that infinite film that lies within us, the same film that is born and reborn secretly and uniquely”. (Sebastian Wiedemann)

Mütter, Mikel Guillen, 2015, 8 min; Hunter, Scott Barley, 2015, 14 min; Obatala, Sebastian Wiedemann, 2019, 7 min; Los (De)pendientes, Sebastian Wiedemann, 2016, 23 min; Atonal, Mikel Guillen, 2019, 16 min; Womb, Scott Barley, 2017, 16 min.

All the films have been digitally filmed. Copies courtesy of the filmmakers.

Attended by the programmer Miquel Escudero Diéguez and the filmmaker Mikel Guillen.

Presenters: Miquel Escudero Diéguez

Directors: Mikel Guillen, Scott Barley, Sebastian Wiedemann

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2020

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