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The Mask Never Lies

"The mask never lies" for people with blindness or low vision

Adapted guided tour


We accompany you to visit the exhibition proposing tactile, sound, bodily experiences and content and descriptive explanations that aim to enrich the experience of the visit.

Have you ever worn a mask or face mask? Why did you wear it? Did you celebrate a popular ritual or party? Was it a carnival? What did you want to do with your mask? Make laugh? To be scared? Become a hero or heroine for some reason?

In this exhibition tour we will learn about different types of masks of our contemporary history. Through them, we can talk about some phenomena that define our present, such as fake news, conspiracy or biopolitical control mechanisms. Our world cannot be understood without masks, let alone in the present day, when a pandemic has forced us to live behind them.

To be able to enjoy the route, we propose the visit in small groups of maximum 5 people (companions included) and in a schedule with little influx of public. You can purchase the ticket on the proposed dates or arrange a visit for an organized group of up to 5 people on a date to be agreed.

Visit design by Quim Mòdenes Borrajo and Maria Magdalena Garzón.

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies

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