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CCCB Accessible Visits

Video with audio description, sign language and subtitles (Catalan and Spanish)

In this video, a Catalan Sign Language interpreter explains how to visit the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) if you are blind, deaf or have a hearing, visual or cognitive impairment. The interpreter goes over the resources the CCCB offers to enjoy the visit in the best possible conditions. At the CCCB, we strive to make our contents accessible and available to all audiences. If you would like more information, to set up an individual or group guided tour, or have ideas on how we can improve, write to us at or check out the accessibility page on our website.


Production, camera and editing – Martí E. Berenguer/ Bocabellapro
Catalan Sign Language interpreter – Judit Farrerons
Subtitles and audio description - Agrupació de Sords de Vic i Comarca and Judit Farrerons
Voice over - Marta Begué - Programas Todojingles SL

Thanks to Anna Ibáñez, Maria Sánchez, Antonio Dorado and the CCCB mediation, education and public service team.

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17 May 2022