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The Manipulated Experience

A playlist by Jodie Mack for the Xcèntric Archive



Experimental animator Jodie Mack, who visited us some months ago, has chosen from our digital film catalogue a series of films that employ heavy use of the hand to invigorate the language of cinema, revealing temporal portrayals of life, hope, and memory. Watch this playlist anytime for free in our Xcèntric Archive!

Len Lye: Rainbow Dance (1936, 4m)

An electric dance celebrating the promise of wealth and the possibility of saving money at the Post Office Savings Bank.

Frank and Caroline Mouris: Frank Film (1973, 10m)

A rapid-fire portrait of a life-thus-far made strictly with cut-outs culled from advertisements.

Rose Lowder: Bouquets 1-10 (1994-1995, 11m33s)

A stroboscopic weave fusing the experience of the mind, the eyes, and the apparatus.

Maria Lassnig: Kantate (1992, 8m)

Humor and visual dynamism combine in this animated musical autobiography in 14-parts.

Naomi Uman: Hand Eye Coordination (2002, 10' )

This meticulous exploration in cameraless technique flutters before our eyes to the sound of its own making.

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