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Naomi Uman

Experimental filmmaker

New York (USA), 1962

Filmmaker and artist who uses film as if it were fabric, wool or painting, and who combines a temporal and cinematic exploration of the tiny events that shape our world. All her films and photographs are non-fiction and she works with the narrative in an open and inquisitive way. She prefers to explore more modest and visual stories taken from real life, instead of trying to reproduce reality. "My films always relate to women's work: domestic chores, sexuality and the role of women in pornography, repetitive actions, handicrafts and sentimentality. My films deal with a great variety of themes, in all these works the constant presence of the hand of their creator can be seen. My work is usually processed manually or worked directly on the body of the film, frame-by-frame. My films are personal works, which often reveal more about their creator than about the subject of the film itself."

Update: 20 October 2016


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