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Xcèntric. 2007-2008

The Living Theatre

Invisible Cinema


The off-Broadway play, The Brig, was the last work performed at The Living Theatre in New York, and was brought to the screen by Jonas Mekas, transmitting its disturbing content through an excellent performance while consciously attacking "cinéma vérité". The film won the Grand Prize at the Venice Documentary Festival (1964).

This session is complemented by the short by the poetess, Storm De Hirsch, a good document to describe how Mekas' film was shot.

Newsreel: Jonas Mekas in The Brig, Storm De Hirsch. USA, 1964. 5', 16 mm
The Brig, Jonas Mekas. USA, 1964. 68', 35 mm


Directors: Storm De Hirsch, Jonas Mekas

This activity is part of Xcèntric. February – March 2008, Xcèntric. 2007-2008

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