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From Doodles to Pixels. Over One Hundred Years of Spanish Animation

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During the 1970s, an industry began to get off the ground by answering to the needs of content for the small screen, although some creatives were more attracted to the art scene, seeing a fantastic medium for bringing all the arts together in animation. Spain certainly had a few big names working in the field including Iván Zulueta (a key figure in Spain's underground filmmaking scene), José Antonio Sistiaga and Rafael Ruiz Balerdi (two of the founding members of the Gaur group of Basque modern artists, created in 1966), Frederic Amat (whose film Estela was made especially for this programme of films), Marcel·lí Antúnez (founding member of La Fura dels Baus theatre troupe) and the tandem of video artists David Bestué and Marc Vives. And not forgetting Minotauromaquia (2004), the extraordinary plasticine interpretation of the universe of one of Spain's greatest artists, Picasso, as well as the new generation of artist-animators such as Izibene Oñederra, Alberto Vázquez and Laura Ginès who, like Juan Pablo Etcheverry or Mercedes Gaspar, come from the prolific Fine Arts background.


Get Back, Iván Zulueta, 1969, 5’20”

Homenaje a Tarzán, Rafael Ruiz Balerdi, 1970, 4’41’’

No sé, Nicéforo Ortiz, 1985, 5’35’’

Impresiones en la alta atmósfera, José Antonio Sistiaga, 1988-89, 6’32”

20 días de amor, Etxegaraico Goti (José Félix González Placer) 1991, 4’08’’

Las partes de mí que te aman son seres vacíos, Mercedes Gaspar, 1995, 8’55’’

Geroztik ere… (And since then...), Begoña Vicario, 1999, 1’55”

Minotauromaquia: Pablo en el Laberinto, Juan Pablo Etcheverry, 2004, 9’14”

Estado de Cambio, David Betsué and Marc Vives, 2010, 6’35”

Hotzanak, For Your Own Safety, Izibene Oñederra, 2013, 5’24”

Cromo, Marcel•lí Antunez, 2013, 3’54”

Sangre de unicornio, Alberto Vázquez, 2013, 8’17’’

Tengo miedo, Laura Ginès, 2014 3’30

estela, Frederic Amat, 2015, 1’53”

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