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Beta Sessions

The Art of the Synthetic. Creation and Reflection in the Age of AI

With researchers Darío García and Sergio Alvarez Napagao

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The BSC’s associates researcher reflects on the idea of creation in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and analyses the innovations and challenges of generative AI, and its impact on society present and future, and on technological ethics.

We discuss some of the most controversial aspects of the new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, focusing on generative applications (text, voice, synthetic image). The aim is to reflect and make others reflect on the most important aspects and social impact on the present and the immediate future. We therefore analyse the innovations and challenges inherent in generative AI, highlight the presence of biases in the data that feeds these systems, and propose strategies to mitigate them, as well as privacy issues in the context of synthetic content creation and the growing need for identity authentication in an environment where AI can generate virtually indistinguishable replicas of people. All this will be done using practical examples such as the generation of synthetic audio and other manifestations of this technology to clarify its profound impact on society and technological ethics.


Beta Sessions

This session forms part of a cycle of six informative talks open to the public, in which research teams from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) explain the state of their investigation and projects, which also form part of the exhibition AI: Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to learn about the present and future of AI and supercomputing with the help of the scientific community.


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