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NOW 2009

The 11th hour



95', 2007. Directed by Nadia Conners

A look at the current ecological crisis from fenomena such as famines, draughts or floods. Narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio.


A documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, The 11th Hour provides a glimpse at today's environmental meltdown as seen in such phenomena as drought, famine, floods and acid rain, amongst other damage the Earth is suffering as a consequence of climate change. The film also suggests practical ways that our planet's ecosystems can be restored to health. Appearances by such personalities as Paul Hawken, Stephen Hawking, William McDonough and Mikhail Gorbachev provide testimony to help us understand the critical state of life on the planet, whilst urging us to join those taking action.

This activity is part of NOW. November 2009, NOW 2009

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