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Take away cultures


DEBATES"The charm of travelling is everywhere I go, tiny life. I go to the hotel, tiny soap, tiny shampoos, single-serving butter, tiny mouthwash and single-use toothbrush. .... Dinner arrives, a miniature do-it yourself Chicken "Cordon Bleu" hobby kit, sort of a put-it-together project to keep you busy. ... Hotel time, restaurant food. Everywhere I go, I make tiny friendships with people sitting beside me...."

Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club.


NOVEMBER 29, 19'00h.

Mobilities. The times of the territory/the territories of the times.
Temporary uses of space: ‘part time' passable/citizens cultures.
Living in cultures of displacement and mobility: ‘inhabitants of a place' vs. ‘territoriants between places'.

Invited participants:

Moderator: Francesc Muñoz.
Lecturer: Sharon Zukin.
Speakers: Josep Subirós - Guido Martinotti.
Location: Martí Guixé (‘HyBie' dispenser).

NOVEMBER 30, 19'00 h.

. Local cultures for global consumption: from the binomial ‘one community=one place' to hybridisation ‘between places'.
The identity-territory-landscape discontinuities: territories of difference and repetition.
Digital-Presential: the dissemination of the fixed and the appropriation of the mobile.

Invited participants:

Moderator: Joan Nogué.
Lecturer: Mirko Zardini.
Speakers: Eduard Bru - Charlie Gere.
Location: photographic exhibition Laura Cantarella.

DECEMBER 1, 19'00 h.

Diversities/Divercities. Visual consumption and urban appropriations: media cities.
Differences repeated in standardised form: identity and consumption in the diver©ity.
Thematic cultures: ‘differences', ‘clichés' and ‘souvenirs'. Diversity à la carte and cappuccino crossbreeding.

Invited participants:

Moderator: Francesc Muñoz.
Lecturer: John Hannigan.
Speakers: Andrew Simms - Monica Degen.
Location: photo montage and video from Alejandro Garay Where am I when I speak on the telephone?.

DECEMBER 2, 19'00 h.

‘Occasional' cultures. Instantaneous cultures?
‘Temporary' places: single-use spaces, multi-use environments, territory ‘in portions'.
‘Take away' cultures.

Invited guests:

Moderator: Lluís Ortega Lecturer: Neil Leach.
Speakers: Gian-Domenico Amendola - Octavi Rofes.

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