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Beta Sessions

Supercomputing, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin Cities

With researcher Fernando Cucchietti

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The director of the data processing group at the BSC explains how supercomputing and artificial intelligence enable the development of digital twins or virtual replicas of cities, a new technology that could have a great impact on the planning and administration of municipalities and contribute to decision-making.

Recent technological advances are enabling structural changes in many industries. In particular, access to large computing capacities and the ubiquitous digitization that generates huge amounts of data have made way for algorithms that can detect patterns or suggest decisions much more efficiently and precisely than human operators. Cities, and their administration and planning, are no strangers to this revolution, from the micro scale of each installation to the macro level of global logistics and city design to improve people’s quality of life.


In this presentation of the project of Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) we’ll be talking about how AI is being used to develop a new, high-impact technology for cities and industry: digital twins. In particular, we focus on progress being made in creating an urban digital twin, a virtual replica of a city, in which mobility and transport represent a crucial component that conditions its entire operation, coupled with other city subsystem modules (built space, energy, water, nature, environment, communications, society, etc.). We show examples of how digital twins and AI will affect mobility, from urban planning to responding to major challenges like climate change, and how they can be included in the decision-making process today.


Beta Sessions

This session forms part of a cycle of six informative talks open to the public, in which research teams from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) explain the state of their investigation and projects, which also form part of the exhibition AI: Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to learn about the present and future of AI and supercomputing with the help of the scientific community.

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