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NOW 2007

Speciesism and the moral consideration of animals



The mafia principle demands absolute solidarity and devotion and even willingness for sacrifice by the group itself, combined with a total disdain and lack of consideration towards other groups.


The mafia principle, applied to race, leads to racism; applied to the nation, leads to nationalism; and applied to the species, leads to speciesism. Moral anthropocentrism is the speciesism of the human race, which combines noble sentiments towards our peers with an abject lack of respect and moral consideration towards other creatures.

Peter Singer, one of the most influential authors in the Bioethics field, talks via videoconference with Jesús Mosterín, chair professor of logic and philosophy of science and Honorary President of Proyecto Gran Simio (Great Ape Project).

Presenters: Marta Tafalla

Participants: Jesús Mosterín, Peter Singer

This activity is part of NOW. March 2007, NOW 2007

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